Doyle and His Gon Kirin
August 29, 2013

I've recently gotten to know Doyle, an artist who has transplanted himself to Detroit.  True to his on-line moniker, Doyle S. Huge, he's a huge guy who makes huge art (and also happens to have a huge heart, alliterations and rhymes not intended).

Doyle, together with Teddy Lo, has created a 17,000 lb steel dragon sculpture, Gon Kirin.  Exhibited at domestic festivals and events, the dragon is built on a dump truck chassis and is covered in recycled objects.  Complete with moving parts, Gon Kirin during the day appears to be a sleeping giant -- a beautiful ode to Motor City where she was finished.  At night, her LED lights and fire-breathing and sound components activate her transformation into a kinetic playground.

Gon Kirin is in the process of being amped up in preparation for her display at Michigan's Art Prize, slated to occur later this year.  For more on how you can support Doyle and his crew as they take Gon Kirin on her next journey, please check out:

Doyle in his neighborhood in Detroit