Mysterabbits, Part I: Just what exactly are they?
October 4, 2013
In the +718, @ JFK, watching the planes go by

Late in the summer, people started finding out about Mysterabbits -- a public art project where teeny tiny meditating bunnies started popping up throughout New York City (and apparently, through the world).  Started by designer, Ji Lee, and friends, according to their website, the project attempts to provide brief moments for people to wonder about "a small piece of the beautiful world that surrounds them."  It's a public art piece, participatory project, scavenger hunt, and Instagram feed rolled into one.

According to the Huffington Post article about Mysterabbits, some of them were in the +718 (around the Bedford Avenue stop off the L train, to be exact).  Try as hard as I looked, I couldn't find any, although it definitely made me look more closely at my daily surroundings during my commute.

I contacted the brains behind Mysterabbits through their Facebook page, and they kindly sent me a couple of my own Mysterabbits to take with me (and to leave) during my travels.

Welcome letter from the Mysterabbits team (who doesn't like a physical letter in the mail, nowadays?)

So, here is my first installment of Mysterabbits and their travels.  Participating in the project has allowed me to stop and take in my environs (and work on that elusive perfect iPhone shot).  More installments to come!

In the +617, tourists, tourists, and more tourists by the John Harvard statue